Who we are


We use no chemical herbicides or pesticides and only organic fertilizers.


We propogate 99% of our plants right here on our farm in southwest Missouri.


Our staff consists of Barb and Don Emge, and son Matthew.  We don't intend to compete with the big box stores.


We have over 200 varieties of herbs and 60 varieties of scented geraniums.


We exist to share our love of herbs with you.

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 Peach Scented Geranium

Large leaves with very mild peach scent.

Peppermint Scented Geranium

Culinary. Fuzzy green grape leaved shaped leaves. Cascading plant. Prefers afternoon shade. Strong peppermint scentnt Fuzzy green grape leaved shaped leaves. Cascading plant. Prefers afternoon shade. Strong peppermint scent.

Peppermint Rose Scented Geranium

Minty rose scent with deeply dissected gray green leaves and delicate pink flowers.

Peppermint Spice Scented Geranium

Culinary. Spicier than the peppermint Rose variety with strongly dissected leaves.

 Pheasant's Foot Scented Geranium

Bird foot shaped leaf with strong pine scent.

Pine Scented Geranium

Small gray green leaves with pine scent. Poor propagation this year.

 Pineapple Scented Geranium

Small round crinkly  leaves that smell like pineapple when bruised. Did not propagate well.

Pink Capitatum Scented Geranium

Slight rose scent, bright pink flowers. Japanese beetle repellent.Sold out

 Prince of Orange Scented Geranium

Crinkly leaves with lime scent and large pink-dark rose flowers.Good topiary plant.Cuttings did not take.

Pungent Peppermint Scented Geranium

Has large velvety gray-green leaves, with nice mint scent and mauve flowers.Sold out

Round Leaf Pine Scented Geranium

Round gray green, pine scented leaves.

Silver Leaf Rose Scented Geranium

Silver edged green leaves with mauve blooms.

Skeleton Rose Scented Geranium

Has 100 times more citronella than the citronella scented geranium. Has a lavender purple spotted flower. Insect repellent.

 Snowflake Rose Scented Geranium

Spanish Lavender Scented Geranium

3-4 tt tall, with large lavender scented fan shaped leaves. Makes a good standard plant.

 Super Citronella Scented Geranium

Mosquito repelling properties with pungent scent.

Super Rupert Scented Geranium

Similar to Prince Rupert with larger strong lemon scented leaves.Sold out.

Sweet Miriam Scented Geranium

Large sprawling plant with pineapple oak scent.

Variegated Mint Rose Scented Geranium

Variegated, deeply cut leaves with mint rose scent. One of our favorites.

Velvet Rose Scented Geranium

Fuzzy leaves with rose scent and orchid flowers.Most requested variety. Good culinary for rose lemonade and sugar.

Village Oak

Crisp oak like leaves with distinctive dark brown centers and  a more pungent scennt.Sold out