Who we are


We use no chemical herbicides or pesticides and only organic fertilizers.


We propogate 99% of our plants right here on our farm in southwest Missouri.


Our staff consists of Barb and Don Emge, and son Matthew.  We don't intend to compete with the big box stores.


We have over 200 varieties of herbs and 60 varieties of scented geraniums.


We exist to share our love of herbs with you.

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Quality Herb Plants for the Local Gardener

Barb Emge's passion for herbs began over 35 years ago when she planted a few seeds outside her kitchen door.  Today her collection includes all of the traditional culinary herbs, as well as many heirloom, ethnic and unusual varieties. She also has the largest variety of scented geraniums in Missouri.                           

Our opening date is Thursday, May 5 at 9am. We plan to be open on Thursday and Friday mornings from 9am-12noon, on Saturdays from 9am-2pm and by appointment only at other times.Our business hours will revert back to appointment only later in June. We're juggling physical therapy and doctor appointments for the foreseeable future. Our selection is more limited so the catalog is not accurate. Some plants still need digging up or time to get bigger before sale.We have lots of lavender iwth 6 more varieties still to arrive and grow before sale.There are lots of Scented Geraniums as well.We accept cash or check only . Our home phone is not working so for now, you can email us or contact Barb at 417-496-5522.

We are now obtaining plant cuttings for next spring and waitng for new herb seed and  plant  catalogs to arrive before we decide what will be available next year.

                                         Update on the 2022 season.

Don fell on the ice in Feb. which resulted in 3 leg fractures so unfortunately we lost a number of plants since neither of us could access the greenhouse. Friends helped water until we could hire someone.So our selection will be more limited this year or available later in May or early June.

Our plans hit a major roadblock this year when , 2 wks before Christmas, Barb tripped and fell, resulting in 4 inoperable pelvic fractures.The recovery can take many months so Don is keeping up the greenhouse til she can get out there again. We will have plenty of herbs but perhaps not as great a selection this year. We will be open for businessout  here again  and will post our opening date later this spring.