Who we are


We use no chemical herbicides or pesticides and only organic fertilizers.


We propogate 99% of our plants right here on our farm in southwest Missouri.


Our staff consists of Barb and Don Emge, and son Matthew.  We don't intend to compete with the big box stores.


We have over 200 varieties of herbs and 60 varieties of scented geraniums.


We exist to share our love of herbs with you.

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Other Herbs T-Z


3-4 ft. tall plant, with strong scent which repels ants and cockroaches. Yellow button flowers dry well. Produces yellow and green fabric dyes. Can be invasive.Will be ready by late May.

Fern Leaf Tansy

Same scent with fernlike leaves. Rarely blooms.Lost my mass planting of mother plants after last winter so probably won't replace it after second loss in 4 years. Doesn't like our unpredictable weather.Lost it in our areas'  Botanical Herb Garden as well.Replacemnet arrived last fall . Will have these next year.

French Tarragon

The true culinary tarragon. Used in chicken and fish dishes.Rarely flowers and if it does seed is not viable as a rule. A blooming tarragon is probably Russian taragon with a bland flavor and not usedin cooking as a rule.Needs a prolonged chill time in the winter to survive. As our temps are getting warmer, it's more difficult to grow here. I use Mexican Mint Marigold instead.Not available at this time.

Toothache Plant

(Spilanthes) Leaves have a mild anesthetic property.Won't be ready til end of May.


Tender perennial but will produce roots suitable for drying and  using if the plant is brought indoors prior to frost.We only  grow orange turmeric which is the preferred one  though there are white and yellow varieties as well. Will be ready by first of June. Never start growing til mid May.


Vanilla scented flowers. Spreading plant. Used as an herbal sedative. Roots smell like dirty socks!

Vanilla Grass

Grass with sweet vanilla aroma. Intensifies as dried 4/28/20 Sold out for now.


Tropical grass naïve to India.The roots are intensely scented when dried and the oil from them is  the main ingredient in Chanel #5 and found in 90% of all American perfumes.Dried roots can be fashioned into loofah like sponges. The 12 foot roots are woven into mats and hung inopen  windows in India, misted with water and scents the breeze.Also widely used for erosion control in tsumani areas.

Vick’s Plant

Fleshly, succulent leaves with strong smell of Vicks. Can be used the same way.

Vietnamese Coriander

Tropical herb.(Rau ram) Prefers moist or bog soil. Leaves do not loose their flavor in cooking.