Who we are


We use no chemical herbicides or pesticides and only organic fertilizers.


We propogate 99% of our plants right here on our farm in southwest Missouri.


Our staff consists of Barb and Don Emge, and son Matthew.  We don't intend to compete with the big box stores.


We have over 250 varieties of herbs and 80 varieties of scented geraniums.


We exist to share our love of herbs with you.

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Lady Mary(strawberry) Scented Geranium

Culinary. small crisp leaves with lavender blossoms and strawbery scent.

Lady Plymouth Scented Geranium

Rose/peppermint scent. Gray green leaves with wide lined cream variegation.

Lavender Lad Scented Geranium

Green trailing leaves with dark lavender blooms. Resembles patchouli in scent more than  lavender.

Lemon Balm Scented Geranium

Large palm sized leaves with lemon scent.

Lemon Curl Scented Geranium

Culinary. Tightly curles green leaves. Good topiary plant.

Lemon Fancy Scented Geranium

Culinary. One of the strongest lemomn scented geraniums with lavender flowers.

Lemon Fizz Scented Geranium

Crisp serrated leaves with lemon scent.

Lemon Meringue Scented Geranium

Culinary. Large upright plant with strong lemon scent and maroon-pink flowers.

Lemon Rose Scented Geranium

Culinary.Tomato shaped leaf, 3-4 feet in height and width. Lemon rose scent with purple flowers. Japanese beetle repellent.

Lillian Pottinger Scented Geranium

Camphor scented small gray green leaves with white flowers. Good in baskets.

Lime Scented Geranium

Culinary. Lime scented, culinary variety.

Luciflora Scented Geranium

Rose scented.

Mint Rose Scented Geranium

Green leaves with rose mint scent.

Mosquito Shocker Scented Geranium

Has  30 times more citronella oil than the citronella scented geranium. Rub leaves on skin and clothing as an insect repellent. Repels Japanese beetles.

Cody's Nutmeg Scented Geranium

Culinary, tea plantSmall green leaves with strong nutmeg scent with white flowers and a trailing habit.

Old Fashioned Rose Scented Geranium

Large leaves with a fine rose aroma. Delightful. Great for cooking and to flavor sugar.

Old Spice Scented Geranium

Spicy apple nutmeg scent. Cross between apple and nutmeg. Leaves may be either gray or green resembling either parent. Good in hanging baskets.

Orange Fizz Scented Geranium

Culinary. Small round leaves with orange scent.