Who we are


We use no chemical herbicides or pesticides and only organic fertilizers.


We propogate 99% of our plants right here on our farm in southwest Missouri.


Our staff consists of Barb and Don Emge, and son Matthew.  We don't intend to compete with the big box stores.


We have over 250 varieties of herbs and 80 varieties of scented geraniums.


We exist to share our love of herbs with you.

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Scented Geraniums A-C

Apple Scented Geranium

Culinary. Has small green leaves with warm apple scent.Trailing plant  with white flowers.

Apple Cider Scented Geranium

Olive green leaves with spicier scent than the apple variety.Trailing plant with white flowers.

Apple Fringed Scented Geranium

Fringed serrated leaves with pungent apple scent. Good for hanging baskets.

Atomic Snowflake Scented Geranium

Culinary. Mild citrus rose scnt with large green leaves splashed with yellow.

Attar of Roses Scented Geranium

Culinary, trailing plant with large green  rose scented leaves and pink-violet fowers which can be candied. Used in perfumes, cosmetics and jellies

Candy  Dancer Scented Geranium

Finely cut, rose-scented leaves.

Charmay Snowflurry scented Geranium >>

Small soft green leaves with irregular splashes of cream and pale pink flowers with lemon rose scent.

Chicago Rose Scented Geranium

Culinary. Larger leaves than Old Fashioned Rose with strong rose scent.

Chocolate Peppermint Scented Geranium

Velvety leaves with chocolate marking on mint scented  leaves.

Cinnamon Scented Geranium

Culinary. Small crinkly green leaves Slight hint of  cinnamon.

Cinnamon Rose Scented Geranium

Culinary. Rose scent is stronger than the cinnamon.. Mauve flowers with dark markings on upper petals. Great in apple jelly. Large plant 2-3 ft. across.

Citronella Scented Geranium

This is not the Scented Geranium you will usually find labeled as such at many nuseries. This has lemon scented large round leaves. The so called Citronella one found in many nuseries is actually   Citrosa but  the name Citronella is used for marketing purpose.                    

Citrosa Scented Geranium

Strong lemon scented plant about 50% of the time.Cuttings taken from the same plant have varying degrees of aroma.Large serrated leaves.

Clorinda Scented Geranium

Eucalyptus-rose scent with large crinkly green serrated leaves and pink flowers.

Cocoa Mint Rose Scented Geranium

Chocolate mint scent with hints of rose.

Coconut Scented Geranium

Spreading growth. Coconut scent with small deep rose flowers. Will reseed.

Crowfoot  Rose Scented Geranium

Leaves resemble a crow’s foot. Minty rose lemon  scent. More blooms than most other scented geraniums.